Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pic Today 7/26/11


Meet the grande dame of superfoods . . .
the mighty mangosteen.

The mangosteen is one of the most highly prized fruits
and grows only in Asia (in tropical climes).
It is famous for its medicinal properties and
exquisitely luscious and delicious taste.

Valued as a superfood, along with acai, goji and pomegranates,
the mangosteen is used in juices, dried in supplements
and now available fresh in select health food & grocery stores.

Its white pulp is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants,
and is an effective treatment against inflammation, bacterial
infections, histamines, arthritis, some cancers,
depression and Alzheimer's disease.

Mangosteen has so many antioxidants that
it has the potential to totally neutralize "free radicals."
And on top of all this . . .
this medicinal superfood tastes absolutely delicious.

The outside shell hardens to naturally protect
and preserve its sweet flesh.
(It's kinda' cool looking, too!)

Yo Mangosteeno!!!


  1. never seen a fruit like this before

  2. Same to me. This is new. Learing every day to read your post. Thanks for the post and beautiful photos. Great job from you.

  3. so intresting this fruit! The composition looks like a still life painting!
    xx Ilka

  4. I have never tasted or seen this fruit
    seems very useful in many ways
    and it looks cool and very special



  5. tu mangosteenas? Nice fotos and good info.

  6. I will definitely try them...I have seen them in our Chinatown. Intriguing photos.

  7. I very like this fruit and nice photo

  8. I have never seen nor heard of this!!
    Love the look of it, and if it's good for you, all the better!
    Thank you for teaching me something new!