Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pic Today 11/22/11


Winter has taken the color
out of the woods.

The cold winds and weather
have stripped my hikes of accents.
Dead browns and cloudy brush;
monotone winter days.

Fungi and lichens on fallen trees.
Seed pods, grasses gone amber, and
ghost flowers without any color.

Nature's not dead, just gone to sleep
to transform into new life next season.


  1. You're a poet ...
    Today let me thoughtfully, your photographs I've always loved, there are more soul in them ...
    Sublime ... sublime ...
    Kisses, I admire you ...

  2. Nature's not dead, just gone to sleep
    to transform into new life next season.

  3. Unas texturas y detalles muy buenos en esta preciosa serie de fotografías, el invierno nos deja bellas estampas. Un abrazo Rick

  4. La naturaleza cambia de color en otoño y se transforma en hojaresca, en colores marrones, en hojas caídas, en grises días.

    Un placer ver las imágenes.

    Un beso.

  5. The 3 photo so nice! Like it!
    xx Ilka

  6. El otoño nos deja imágenes como estas, con un colorido que a mi me fascina. Yo casi todos loos años "recolecto" uno de esos hongos como los de tu primera imágen y los tengo de adorno ya que mantienen la forma y el color siempre.
    Un saludo

  7. I love "dry" nature, I collect dried burs, seed pods and as you said, ghost flowers :)
    Beautiful post and color harmony!
    xo, A.

  8. I like your winter photographs. They show beauty even in bareness. Love the 3rd pic of the "itchy balls", as we call them. Lovey poem, too.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Rick.