Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pic Today 12/14/11


Did you ever notice?
No matter how they "make it modern",
sleek and refined, and update the look
from the original . . .

it's never quite as good as it once was?

Same goes for McDonald's,
the world wide fast food giant.

(Not that I dine under the golden arches!)

But the original arch and store design
sure looks more appealing than the
updated, modern store designs.

Don't you think?

Since 1950, there are 31,000 stores,
in 119 countries.
(And there will always be one-of-a-kind
McDonald's unique restaurant locations,
like Paris, France -- shown here.)

But I like the retro McDonald's.
We want to remember the pricing
back then. These are real prices from 1950:

Hamburger 15¢
Cheeseburger 19¢
Fries 10¢
Coca-Cola 10¢
Shakes 20¢


  1. Today I take out a smile ... and I do not like this food, but my daughter is dying for it, jajajajaja ...
    Good photos!
    I like the old building and the modern Mk.

  2. I'm not a McDonald's fan :)
    But I love the french fries.
    ....and McDonald's in my town:

    xx Ilka

  3. something went wierd with McDonald's... I like the whole diner concept that it originally had.

  4. I enjoyed this post and really love your last photo. The prices from 1950 look funny :)

  5. Rick honestly am not a fan of McDonalds, but the breakfast is served japanese fashion ...

    (in Japan they call Make Donarudo - マクドナルド, - written in Katakana for foreign words)

    Merry X'Mas

  6. I like the retro McDonald's too.
    Even though I don't eat there, I love the retro prices!!