Friday, December 23, 2011

Pic Today 12/23/11


My daughter, Annabelle (chef),
is home from Boulder (Colorado),
and spent some time with my friend,
Joy Stinger (bee keeper) yesterday.

Stinger (real name) is an amazing 77-year-old
"earth lady" who does it all . . .
raises bees, sells her honey, bee pollen
and molded bees wax products . . .
while raising chickens, selling eggs,
making mead, and tending to her
rabbits, tropical birds, Portuguese water dogs,
organic garden (on the 3rd floor of her city house).

Two great ladies
who know how to enjoy life.



  1. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter.
    The Mistress, beautiful is reminded that my beloved grandmother has been living in heaven.

    Today I found out the sex of the babies, I'm in the fourth month of pregnancy in eastern counting - are girls - identical twins. we are all happy ...
    wanted to share with you my joy.

    Merry X'mas

  2. My Christmas message

    The true gift of Christmas is Jesus! He is present every day in our lives in our hearts, and it is written, came to earth to bring a gift. The gift of light. The gift of love. The gift of truth.
    You and I have come to earth to bring a gift - the same gift. It is the gift of our own pure spirit, the eternal, the spirit of loving compassion that is the birthright and the truth of each of us.
    It is this spirit - which according to the record, shone so brightly in Jesus - we celebrate with joy and passion in this special holiday season.
    Yes, our bodies age. They fall into decline and its power as the years pass.
    But this glorious spirit of which I speak - the birthright of us all - no part of aging. It is as fresh and radiant and alive right now as at any point in time.
    He never loses its luster. It is unchanged from generation to generation. Only the ways in which it finds expression experience of the phenomenon we call birth and death.
    I'm not a religious person, but I am a spiritual person. And if the season we call Christmas has a meaning, which certainly does, at least potentially, that is.
    It is an opportunity to recall the profound truth, inalienable rights of our own immortal spirit.
    Our bodies - and perhaps this as well, really, when you stop to think about it - will not live forever. But throughout the history of our race, which was capable of destroying, altering or this brave spirit, wise compassion that is the birthright of us all?
    I wish you joy, peace, love and health this Christmas to you and all your family and a special glow towards another new year ... share this message I left you for someone special ...
    and then see this video. Beautiful


  3. What a beautiful post for Christmas, Rick!Love to see your daugther with this incredible lady! Wish I reach her age so active and with this adorable smile. Great picture of Joy Stinger in her kitchen.Wish you all the best for Christmas, my dear friend. xoxo

  4. wish you have a Merry Christmas and a new year of peace and achievements, along with their ....

    an affectionate embrace ...


  5. Merry Christmas!!! Beautiful pictures and incredible your dauther and your friend Joy!!!
    I wish you all the best from Venezuela

  6. Two very beautiful women, beautiful friendship ...
    Annabelle, is pretty much ... your soul ... smiles ...
    Her friend, Stinger ... a wonderful person, you just have to see her smile ...
    Thanks and hugs to all three !!!!!

  7. Beautiful ladys! :)
    Have a great day.
    xx Ilka

  8. Beautiful photos, Rick.
    I Wish you a Merry Christmas.

  9. Your friend seems like she`s a fairy from a Scandinavian children`s book. Such a kind smile can only be found on an illustration.
    This is a perfect post for me before Christmas :)