Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pic Today 1/11/12


Here's what I learned today,
shopping for tropical fish.
(I don't have any. Just shopping.)

1. Some fish open and close their mouths nonstop:
(I think they're talking. We just can't hear them.)

2. Fresh water fish are bland, not very colorful.

3. The colorful fish of the world live in salt water.

4. Clown fish aren't very funny, but they can hide
in the poisonous tentacles of sea anemones.
(Immune to the poison, they've got the last laugh.)

5. Goldfish have buggy eyes. Not all of them are gold.

6. Neon tetras look like little neon signs.

7. The more beautiful the fish, the more they cost.

8. Fresh water aquariums cost less than $50.

9. Salt water aquariums cost more than $500.

10. Fish make great pets.
(And they don't run away.)


  1. Preciosas y coloridas imágenes de estas bellas variedades de peces, una preciosidad de colores y contrastes. Feliz año y un abrazo Rick

  2. The pictures are really beautiful! I'm a fish fan too!

    I've tried it several times with aquariums, but it is very complicated, and consumes a lot of money then the fish are still often become sick and died. So I prefer to enjoy photos ..

    warm hugs

  3. I prefer to enjoy photos too...beautiful photos!

  4. thanks Rick for this brilliant and colorful lesson about aquariums, you always make me laugh!

    A big hug,

  5. Rick, not only are your images wonderful, but I learn something new every time I visit you here! It is truly a pleasure, and I thank you for that!
    Have a great day my Friend.

  6. Nice photos Rick. Aquariums were a big hobby of mine years ago. Now photography animates me. :)

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  8. Buena serie de fotografías

    Saludos de José Ramón desde
    Creatividad e imaginación fotos de José Ramón

  9. Rick,
    you learned a lot about tropical fish,
    is ready to have some pets!

    now ... the photos are a spectacle!
    you convince the fish to pose so well!
    They are very photogenic!
    great photos,
    loved it