Monday, January 16, 2012

Pic Today 1/16/12


A trip to the garden hothouse
always feels good in the winter,
and a chance to view the symmetry and beauty
of the rugged cactus (family cactaceae).

Native to the Americas,
cacti have adapted to conserve water
in dry and hot environments.
The stem and body have evolved to become succulent,
with leaves transforming into spines and needles.
All parts of the cactus (even the needles)
are capable of absorbing moisture,
but have little ability to lose it.
So they're able to retain water
during periods of drought and harsh conditions.

Each cactus is efficiently designed
to survive its environment,
while keeping predators at bay.


  1. I looooove cactus and I looooove your pics
    #3 is so beautiful!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures and my favorite plant, yesterday I took pictures of cactus ... coincidence, no?
    They also have the ability to absorb negative energy ...
    I love it!
    Rick kisses!
    All right?

  3. Preciosos encuadres de esto cactus, cuidado con pincharte Rick. Un abrazo amigo

  4. Me encantan las imágenes de estos cactus, algunos con sus minúsculas flores.
    Un saludo

  5. They are so lovely and unique and when they bloom - AWESOME!!! Cacti always remind me of my mother. She had a collection of them.

  6. Ouch indeed, but what fantastic macros!

  7. You captured their beauty, Rick! Great pics! xx