Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pic Today 1/25/2012


Drive along Forsyth Boulevard,
next to Washington University (St. Louis),
and you'll see two new "buildings."

It's the result of a recent installation by art students,
under the direction and supervision of
internationally renowned sculptor, Patrick Dougherty.
Two 20-foot high branch houses were the
brain child of Dougherty, who had the students
collect 20,000 sticks and branches from the area
(mostly willow and dogwood.)

These all natural constructions were erected
and hand assembled in 3 weeks time,
and will weather naturally through the seasons.
The sculpture is entitled "Double Or Nothing."

Now THAT'S what I call a "tree house."


  1. Human beings are amazing ... your creativity goes beyond me, I'm impressed!
    Rick, you are the photographer of beauty and emotion.
    Thanks friend, a big hug!

  2. Que bonito e ingenioso, me encantan ;-)

    Bsos amigo!

  3. Excelente reportaje sobre la construcción de estás curiosas y bellas casas. Un abrazo para ti amigo Rick

  4. Oh, these houses are so cute! There's a lot of creativity behind them, that's for sure... The whole structure is visible, and dinamic, as if they were growing and transforming before your eyes. They look like they have been taken out of a fairytale :)

  5. Spectacular, Rick! I love your choise of things to photograph!Always so interesting! xx