Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pic Today 1/31/12


It all started around 1910,
when milk was delivered in wagons,
fresh from the dairy,
by horseback!

Horses gave way to trucks.
Refrigeration made household milk a commodity.
By the 1930s, most milk was delivered
at the back door by your local "milk man."

Things have changed since then,
and milk trucks have rusted away
in favor of grocery store plastic bottles.

But there's a come-back in home delivery of milk.
Here in St. Louis, as in other major metro markets,
milk trucks are hitting the road again.
Here, Oberweiss Dairy is signing up home customers
for delivery of "real milk in real glass bottles"
in "real milk trucks."
(And their milk is sourced from family farms
that DO NOT use bovine growth hormones.)

Oberweiss' business is booming.
In fact, they're buying and reconditioning
old milk trucks, from a bygone era.

An idea whose time has come.

(And they'll deliver CHOCOLATE milk.)

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  1. Precioso reportaje de la evoluciĆ³n en el transporte y reparto de leche, buen trabajo Rick. Un abrazo amigo