Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pic Today 2/11/12


A remarkable movie
(El Bulli: Cooking In Progress)
about a remarkable chef
(Ferran Adrià)
shown recently at a remarkable theater
(The Tivoli in St. Louis.)

This film offers a rare inside look at
what it takes to repeatedly be chosen
the "world's best restaurant", El Bulli (The Bull),
the famous 3-star Michelin restaurant in Catalonia,
on Spain's Costa Brava.

The obsession of one man, Ferran Adrià,
to create food as avant-garde art
and continually surprise his guests
with some of the world's most innovative cooking.

For 6 months of the year, El Bulli closes
so Ferran and his culinary staff can create
the menu for the next season.
El Bulli is now closed for 2 years,
in preparation for a re-opening as a culinary center in 2014.

Behold some of the dishes served at El Bulli:

Margarita served in a frozen snow cube,
topped with salted foam.

Melon Caviar turned into a sweet imitation
of melon and passion fruit.

Parmesan Marshmallows

Popcorn Cloud when placed in the mouth
shrinks into nothing but the taste of popcorn.

Pink Coral which is actually dark chocolate
coated with sour raspberry powder.

Berries Transformed into a light foam
of intense taste by lyophilisation and freeze driving.

Each season, El Bulli averaged 2-million attempts
to get one of its 8,000 reserved seats.
You'll have better luck seeing this film
when it tours world wide.
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  2. an error occurred, did not understand

    Delicious. Appetizing!beautiful pictures

    I am a lover of fine cuisine.
    1000 Note for the chefs, the great masters of cooking, I admire ...

    In Japan they have a restaurant at least once a year I enjoy being there ... reservations are made ​​at least 1 year ... the view is across the bay from Yokohama "Tokyo, Mount Fuji in the background ... floor of the building 43 .... the food ... Asian menu - Korean, Japanese, Thai, new zeolandes - singapore, etc ...

    hunger and even gave my menu today here at home happens to be nothing less than a stew of meat and vegetables at Korean fashion, prepared by the excellent hands of my husband ... I am so feeling the aroma of the dish ...

    I leave you a great big hug and a good appetite.


  3. Hi Pick,
    I didn't know this restaurant and I didn't watch the movie, but I want to watch the movie!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. I take out a smile, great, lol ...
    That coincidence ...
    My first language is Catalan, you know?
    Ferran Adrià is a genius!

  5. Nice entry, Rick, just guessing how that food must be.

  6. Hey Ricky !!! I've been away for some time now, but I wanted to drop you a line, see how things are over there :)
    what I love to watch, whether in restaurants, or films concerning them, is the expressions on people's faces, as they prepare, or taste, to listen for the sounds they make, it's kind of magic how different and serious, or happy we turn when it comes to food.
    All my love xxx

    1. Thanks, Setty. I know you understand.
      Miss you . . .

  7. I loooooove Ferran Adrià,
    Rick thank you so much for this beautiful tribute to a great artist of the flavors and textures.
    Have a sunny Sunday,