Monday, February 6, 2012

Pic Today 2/6/12


Consider this . . .

The Super Bowl football championship game
was televised to 232 countries,
in 34 languages, to an estimated audience
of 1-billion people!

Tens of thousands of Super Bowl parties
brought friends together to view the game,
share the food and drink,
and watch expensive TV commercials,
and a spectacular half-time light show,
featuring Madonna, Cee Lo and hundreds of dancers.

Some of the more memorable TV commercials were
a Ferris Bueller take off with Matthew Broderick,
a car company spot featuring Seinfeld and the "Soup Nazi",
the return of the E-Trade baby,
a shirtless David Beckam for Hanes underwear,
Adriana Lima for "who knows what, and who cares",
and even Regis Philbin for Pepsi.

And oh yeah . . .
the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots.


  1. Es un acontecimiento, que nosotros desde España, no entendemos mucho. Pero no hay duda de que se tratad e una gran fiestas.
    Gracias por comentar en La Colina de las Imágenes
    Cordiales saludos

  2. bello reportaje de los preparativos para disfrutar de la final de la super Bowl, aqui disfrutamos del fútbol, cada uno con sus aficiones, un abrazo amigo Rick

  3. Look at all the food! You know, I did not watch the whole game, nor the commercials. We were watching a rerun of Titanic just like we did yesterday, trying to catch scenes we have missed. However, I had to find out the score because I made a bet with Bella Sinclair, and I lost :(

  4. Oh I saw some of those commercials on the ytube :)
    Superbowl seems like a really big event in the US...

  5. The Japanese TV showed some flash.
    style to celebrate the favorite sport of Americans ...
    omedetou gozaimasu