Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pic Today 3/11/12


If you've already placed your order,
you know it's time to pick up your
Girl Scout Cookies.

If not, there are thousands of
Girl Scout troops setting up stands now
(usually outside grocery stores)
to sell boxes of this year's flavors.

The new cookie flavor this year is "lemonade."

The most popular flavors last year
were Thin Mints (my favorite) and Samoas,
tied at 23% of total sales each.

200-million boxes of cookies are estimated
to be sold this year, which coincidentally
is the 100th anniversary of the Girls Scouts.
(There are troops and groups in 92 countries worldwide.)

Proceeds from cookie sales have supported Girl Scout
activities and charities since 1934.


  1. i've been craving some girl scout cookies, lately. may have to go pick some up now.

  2. And Rick where are my cookies ?



  3. Aaaawww Look at the Girl Scout Daisies! They are the cutest! Do you know that I am a Girl Scout? I have been since age 5. I am a Lifetime Girl Scout. Yup. I attended international encampments and later had my own troop. My daughter quit GS to do karate. I was really sad that she did that but it is her choice. I love GS cookies, of course!!!