Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pic Today 3/13/12


The rare morel mushrooms are usually found
in mid April, well after the winter thaw,
following a warm Spring rain.

The very warm winter and 80˚ sunny days
got me hunting for morels yesterday.
No luck, but the woods are blooming with life.
(Perhaps next week.)

State conservation agents were out
spraying garlic mustard plants,
to eradicate this invasive species
before it flowers and spreads it seeds.
This invasive plant covers the forest floor,
choking out valuable native species.

There were some beautiful scenes
throughout the woods,
including fresh water cress clumps
in spring fed streams.

A male mallard duck was escorting
his mate upstream.


  1. the end of the winter season the landscape seems devastating and life flourishes gradually giving way the arrival of spring, where everything is reborn again ...

    beautiful pictures

  2. So exciting series. These we have not here with us. thank you for sharing this with us. Seems I learn something new every day in blog world. Have a spring week to you.
    Greetings from Hilda