Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pic Today 3/24/12


Between rain storms,
I'm out in the spring woods,
hunting for morel mushrooms.
(Haven't found any. Not yet.)

But I'm learning all about the edible greens,
the bounty of the early Spring forest . . .
in fact, a conservation agent taught me
80% of wild spring greens are edible.

Delicious watercress . . . garlic scapes . . .
dandelion greens . . . sorrel . . . milkweed . . .
wild lettuce . . . black walnuts.

Did you know beautiful 3-leaf trillium
is both edible and medicinal . . . and
that reindeer lichen can be substituted for flour?

I'm just wild about Spring!

(P.S. Good idea to carry along a plant ID book.)


  1. Were there snakes? My love for trees and forests are overshadowed my my fear of snakes. There has never been a trip to the woodlands where I never found a snake! Ugh. They are waiting for me. :( I love the images that capture Spring so perfectly.

  2. Hi Pick,
    Here we're living the autumn. Autumn is not very typical here and very reminiscent of those great pictures you posted.
    Enjoy the saturday!

  3. I renew in the spring, everything is displayed in its most beautiful splendor ... life is precious ...
    Let me rewrite rule so pleasant stroll friend ... and found few things ...
    The last picture is beautiful ...
    Rick, thank you.

  4. I love nature, did you know?
    Amazing set of photos...
    LOVE IT!

  5. Beautiful pictures and a lot of interesting information, Rick! Great post.A substitute for flour? That's an incredible thing, let me find out now what is reindeer lichen....hope translator helps (lol) Wish you a warm sunday,xx

  6. It looks like you are having a wonderful spring Rick.
    I just love the Trillium!
    Have a fantastic start to your week!