Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pic Today 3/4/12


Look what I found in the dumpster?
(People throw out the most amazing things.)

It's the "three wise monkeys."
(See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.)

A rotating table base.
It's huge. It's heavy. It's mine.

Not sure where it's going . . .
maybe at the front door . . .
to give it a spin as I come and go.

These famous monkeys are hugely popular
in Japanese culture and religion (Koshin folk rite),
and symbolize the value of "being of good mind."

Interestingly, western culture has a different take
on this monkey business . . .
a way to deal with impropriety
by looking the other way.

I say let's keep things positive,
and be of good mind.
(Or at least try.)


  1. Good find, and nicely captured with the lens.

  2. Apart from this world is busy doing everything.

    Miss you. Hope you are doing fine Rick.


  3. In Japan there is a popular belief in charms as protectors against misfortune and bad luck. Among the most appreciated are those in which monkeys are associated with good luck. In fact, the Japanese word for naming, saru, meaning "ward off bad luck."

    The reason for this superstition is in Shinto, the main religion of the country, which gives a sacred monkeys.
    In Nikko, Japan's main religious center, a small temple that is a must during a visit to the shrine, with the representation of the three monkeys of the world's most famous, the three mono-scholars who advocate the three ways of living Shinto:
    -Mizaru not see evil.

    -Iwazaru, if not evil.

    -Kikazaru, hear no evil.

    What a great find!
    Sign of good luck!


  4. what a great and lucky found ... they looks so beautiful, expressive and unique.

    wish you a lucky week my friend.

    hugs and kisses

  5. Oh you are absolutely right. I throw out a lot of stuff too that do not interest me anymore but then discover so many neighbors check out my trash and it is gone before the garbage man comes. Good thing I shred my documents, huh? This is a great find. You are one swanky garbage inspector.