Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pic Today 4/5/12


Nothing says "spring" like
tulips in bloom.

It's now,
when new tulip colors and variations
are "showing off",
that I remember the importance
of planting bulbs in the fall.
(Always worth it.)

Tulips originated in Turkey, centuries ago,
where it was the custom
to wear a tulip in one's turban.
When Europeans discovered tulips,
they mistakenly gave them their name,
which comes from the Persian word for turban.

I always laugh when I see admirers
smelling tulip blossoms.
Fact is, most tulips have no fragrance.
(Same for camelias.)

They make up for it in sheer beauty.


  1. No one may go unnoticed this beauty, I've never seen so many tulips together ...
    Rick, this is lovely!

  2. WOW!!! This was so great!!! So full of colours and life!!!
    My tulips are under the snow now.
    Then I can look at this wonderful photos.
    Wish you a happy Easter.
    From Hilda

  3. I absolutely love this flower! Especially the light pink ones....but they do have a slight frangrance, that's what mekes them so cute :)

  4. A riot of colors! Beautiful. I did not know tulips had no fragrance. Come to think of it, the parks in New Jersey were covered with them and they did not emit any fragrance. Thank you for sharing. I especially love the variegated one.

  5. Spring is here! Thanks for the delight.

    And how is my big buddy?

    Have a good day.


  6. Wonderful colors! love these flowers!

  7. These could not be more beautiful.
    Truly the picture of a gorgeous spring.