Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pic Today 4/7/12


Easter is a great holiday for fancy
cookies, cakes and breads.

There's Italian and Greek
braided egg breads,
with colored eggs left whole . . .

fancy iced cookies
that are works of art . . .

chocolate and marshmallow
eggs, chicks and bunnies . . .

and this year,
there's even pastel colored candy corn,
called "bunny corn."

Don't forget to dye some eggs tonight!


  1. Oh how cute post :) I love it Rick, thanks for shraing!
    xx ILka
    Happy Easter!

  2. very colorful and look appetizing!

  3. My dad was a master baker, and used to make such beautiful things for the Easter holiday. I remembe him making those braided breads. I would help by coloring the eggs with my mom and sis. Good times.

  4. I love the way the bread is braided so that ot resembles a nest. I am still trying to get used to the way we celebrate Holy week in America. In the past, Thursday and Friday were to holiest of days and Sunday was a poignant celebration. I still feel awkward hearing the word "Happy" associated with Easter. I suppose we rejoice for the Lord's rising. Anyway, yesterday I worked. That would have ben hard to believe for anyone to work on Good friday. My friend from Oregon who lives in the Philippines during the winter and spring months, told me that the government and banks literally shut down for the Holy Week and the exodus of people on foot for the Lenten processions were overwhelming. I love Easter eggs. These colors are quite a class of their own. They really define Easter here for us.

  5. Beautiful pics, Rick! I love the bright, Eastery colors. What a cheerful way to start my morning :).

  6. What beautiful colors, Rick, and it looks like you are all set for Easter!
    The Easter bread is my favorite. I have made that every year for such a long time now.
    I wish you a beautiful Easter.

  7. Great photos, Rick!
    Happy Easter to you.

  8. Happy Easter Rick. This post is so not good. I don't get to pick and eat them instead just stare at them :(((