Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pic Today 5/31/12


On the last day of May,
we're ready for summer to arrive.
And that means a new wave of petunias,
summer's most dependable flower.

And breeders have been busy,
creating new hybrids, new colors,
new long lasting blooms.

Look for fabulous shades of purples and pinks,
and surprising warm yellows and corals.
Plant some in window boxes and planters.

Let your summer be filled with color,
with perfect petunias!


  1. Oh what a beautiful array of colors. Plant them together and you have a monochromatic bed, except for the white and yellow. They can be the dividers. Honestly, I am not very good with flower names. I am the one who gets enthralled by leaves. I actually buy plants for their leaves, but I definitely enjoy and admire beautiful flowers, not just very patient with them. My son can grow them so much better. I love these. I may tell him to plant some. Have a great day, Rick! I forgot to comment on your previous post about your daughter. May she be blessed with happiness with her beau.