Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pic Today 5/3/12

(Part Two)

A crew of 20 Chinese artisans
arrived one month before the opening
of the Lantern Festival,
to build, construct and assemble
26 larger-than-life traditional
Chinese lantern scenes through
Missouri Botanical Garden
(opening May 26.)

Giant lanterns and displays are being assembled on-site,
from miles of welded steel and silk,
and some unusual traditional Chinese materials . . .

like the 200-foot dragon
made from porcelain tea cups, saucers,
plates and bowls . . . hand tied and knotted with string.

And to think each giant display will be illuminated
from within at dusk each day.



  1. that is going to be a sight to see!
    i hope you get to go see the finished product! :)

  2. Amazing. An grand illuminated feat it shall be...but wait...uh oh, what is that I see? Someone without protective headgear on an elevated perch...OSHA is not going to like that! :)

  3. The Chinese are very creative
    will be beautiful
    ever seen a dragon made ​​of glossy paper lanterns in various colors and illuminated


  4. Dear Rick,
    i love your posts of the dragons!!! When i was in China i've seen a lot of traditional Chinese creatures, and masks,colorful lantern and big big dragons... but i've never seen one made put of cups an dishes... its amazing!!!! Thank you for showing us this great pictures!!!!


    PS: Sorry for my english... i do my very best;-))