Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pic Today 7/17/12


It's tough keeping the garden green
in these times of extreme heat and no rain.

Even with careful rationing of water,
some plants shut down to survive.

But there are splashes of color,
with succulents and drought-resistant flowers.
Allium and day lilies are always reliable.

We pray for rain.


  1. Dear Rick,

    there is no rain in your country and we have every day a lot... i wish i could sent you some rainy clouds...
    Your pictures of the sacred lotus flowers are so beautiful!!!!
    Hope you get rain soon, Ursula

  2. We also pray for rain. Same situation :)

  3. DROUGHT! I know what that is. This week they declared the drought over in Houston and surrounding areas. My husband who is president of our M.U.D. (isn't that funny?) MUD = Municipal Utilities District - in charge of water and sewage told me some numbers for the inches of rain we had just this week alone. We have more than twice the rain we had this week alone compared to all of last year this time. Too bad, some heritage trees are forever lost. I pray for rain or just pray that the daily thunderstorm we have may go somewhere else that needs it.

  4. You can see the thunderstorm I had on Monday here:http://cesskye.blogspot.com/

  5. the leaves become dry but the flowers are beautiful ! like ursula I would like to send
    you rain ! wish you a nice day

  6. It's the same here too, Rick. Some of the plants are holding on, but the lawns are truly history. We are hoping for a bit of rain tomorrow, but other than that, unless the forecast changes, there is no rain for at least the next 6 days. At least here, I don't think iI ever remember going this long without rain.