Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pic Today 9/20/12


I just found a fragrant herb
perfect for holiday wreaths . . .

Sweet Annie (artemisia annua),
also called Sweet Wormwood.

Its sweet, camphor-like scent
smells like the holidays, and
is a natural repellant for moths & insects
(so put some in your closet.)
It has been used for centuries by Chinese herbalists
for malaria and treating fevers.

When I bought a big bunch of Sweet Annie,
the herb lady said it makes a great holiday wreath.
And remains fragrant for years. (years ! ! !)

So I bought some ribbon, and made my own wreath.

It now hangs on my front door,
just in time for fall.
(First day of fall is TWO DAYS AWAY.)


  1. Sweet images for a fragrant herb! If this herb was used by de Chinese I am sure that has big therapeutic usefulness. First photography is really beautiful.

    A lot of kisses.