Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pic Today 9/9/12


Scenes from an early morning visit
to the fabulous Farmer's Market
in historic Tower Grove Park, St. Louis.

After a wonderful rain storm
washed the hot weather out of the state,
this morning was chilly, but bright and sunny,
as local growers brought their freshest,
most beautiful fruits and vegetables
to the market.

Beautiful food
on a beautiful morning.
(This is the way to shop.)


  1. So, Rick which one is your favorite vegetable?


  2. this market is so colorful and beautiful !
    it must be really nice to shop there !
    have a wonderful sunday Rick

  3. hmmm Rick! I can almost smell and touch them!!!
    have a nice day!!!

  4. Thank you Rick. I'm very happy to hear from you. I've sent you more than ten emails... I don't know what's going on... I've bought me a MacBook so maybe it's the change from windows to apple... I've sent you an email yesterday too. From my BlackBerry. Did you get it? I'm happy you're still vegan. You won't regret it. You're on my mind. I wish you a wonderful Sunday.

  5. I am impressed and happy!
    I love this market, is a large supermarket, which I like to visit and go shopping ...

    The carrots remind me of my grandfather, was a farmer and also the taste of their products still on my mind ...

    Great job, beautiful walk you give us ...

    A kiss!

    I'm a vegetarian, but eat fish often ... is a healthy way to live.

    Another kiss.

  6. I wish we had a Farmer's market nearby. We have one during the cool season but it is more expensive than the grocery store! :(

  7. Looking at your photos I felt the fresh morning air and the sweet taste of the fruits and vegetables! We have them all here, but some of them (the carrots, the pumpkins, the aubergine) look slightly differently!::D