Monday, October 29, 2012

Pic Today 10/29/12


. . . than a blank piece of paper!

It's Halloween Week.
And I always think about ghosts
and monsters, and scary things
when it's Halloween.

But fact is, there's nothing more scary
than a blank piece of paper.

Whether you're an artist or a writer
 or just a thinker, just remember . . .
 "the blank page frightens the good ones,
but terrifies the great ones."

So if it's words, or strokes or ideas,
the thing is to START.
Your work will never be as perfect
as it is the moment before
you actually begin.


  1. such a fun take on scary!
    sometimes the blank piece is wonderfully exciting

    those look like wonderful art supplies, may i ask what they are? crayons, water soluble pastels?

  2. They're bees wax crayons -- so much fun, and great for special projects

  3. Oh yes, indeed! That scary blank paper!

  4. Oh, no! I love blank pieces of paper. The possibilities!!! Yes! Happy Halloween!

  5. Great words those "the blank page frightens the good ones..." I'd like to make a painting. I mean painting where are those words not any pictures. If I can go through the horror of blank page, I will do it ;-)

  6. That blank piece of paper is full of endless that blank piece of paper is full of endless possibilities :)

  7. Nice post. I agree but a white paper for me is also excitement, curiosity of what will come.
    Nice greetings

  8. does not even matter what you want to do,
    a blank page is intimidating and scary ...
    and it is always good to talk about it ...
    very good, Rick!
    a hug