Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pic Today 12/27/12


. . . starts with fresh roasted estate coffee beans
(this morning, aromatic Montserrat from Colombia),
at my favorite coffee shop next door (Kaldi's.)

My personal barista (John) fine tunes the grinder
and doses the exact amount of coffee,
tamping it down, and starting the exact pressure and time
to extract a perfect espresso from the shot.

The experienced barista knows the importance
of these variables for each shot, each cup.

This morning's espresso was perfectly balanced,
with citrus and chocolate notes,
with a creamy finish.

Mmmmm, perfect!
Thanks, John.

(Now I can start my day!)


  1. This morning espresso look so great. I can smell it...mmmmm
    Thanks for this great series.
    From Hilda

  2. Heh, you sounded just like my boyfriend. :) He'd love to get his own coffee bean grinder, so we'd have fresh coffee every day!

    Thank you for the comment. I hope your Christmas was wonderful.

    Indie by heart