Friday, February 15, 2013

Pic Today 2/15/13


Yes, the above card
was sent to me.

It seems I need some 
cardio "valve work",
and will be taking some
medical leave.

So no blog for a while.
Or emails.   Or dancing.
Or driving!*

Anyway, I'll be back!

*(They're taking my car keys from me.   Yipes!)


  1. You have many people who are awaiting your health.
    Everything will be okay, I know!
    Rick, take care and see you soon!
    Many positive energies travel to your home ...

    See you soon!

    (I'm a little scared, but I think it is a normal reaction ... this is the truth, but you have to be strong and you are an example of strength)

    A big hug ...


  2. Take care, dear Rick, all the best for you! I'll be waiting when you recover. xoxo

  3. Don't worry...everything's gonna be alright! :)

  4. •♫♫ Tenha fé e confiança em Deus.
    Você irá recuperar logo, logo.
    Beijinhos de sua amiga brasileira.

  5. A cuidarse mucho, aquí estaremos esperando!
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  6. I hope you are ok, look after yourself

  7. Rick todo estará bien, te dejo mis saludos y estaré pendiente, un abrazo desde lejos ;)

  8. My dear friend. I know that sometimes it seems that I am not, but always I am. Sometimes I do not comment, but I have never stopped admiring your beautiful photographies (a caress for the eyes).
    Take care, Rick. I´ll be waiting for you.

    A lot of kisses.

  9. Very funny card!
    Hope everything will be okay so you can be back soon!
    Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

    Take care, Rick****

  10. Thinking of you and wishing you the very best, Rick.

  11. Hello Rick,

    I am sorry to hear this, but send you light and wishes for a beautiful recovery!

  12. Oh goodness, Rick! Somehow, today I thought of you. I asked myself why I have not seen a post from you for a while and today I found this. I hope you are well. You will be in my prayers. Take care, Rick!

  13. Bienvenue au club, Rick. Je suis aussi un rescapé d'un infarctus, mais peut-être n'en es-tu pas là.
    Tu verras, les chirurgiens nous réparent bien maintenant.
    Je te souhaite du courage et un prompt rétablissement.
    Avec mon amitié,


  14. Hello! In this very busy evening, all of a sudden, a thought about you came up to my mind. I realized that I haven't heard anything from you since a long time and came to see what's going on...
    Dear Rick, if you need a break, then take it! It'll be for the best! And together with the spring, very soon I believe, you'll continue to reveal the beauties of the world around, its best sides... Something that you do in such a perfect way! Take care!

  15. Oh Rick, you were on my thoughts and oh no I saw this… I hope you well now and look forward seeing you back here. Take care and wishing you well.