Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pic Today 5/14/13


The Swedish Hasselblad 500CM camera,
made famous by the Apollo moon mission,
has been discontinued, effective last month.

It marks the end of a great medium-format
film camera . . . and my camera of choice
when I entered the photography field.

It has always been my favorite,
most dependable camera.
It was NASA's choice for the
first camera on the moon.

Apollo astronaut, Gene Cernan, 
left his Hasselblad on the moon
before departing in the lunar lander.
He saved the film pack (shown above),
but left the camera and lens behind
for weight restrictions.

Perhaps a future mission will collect
this famous camera, which lies
in the lunar dust to this day.

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  1. It's funny ... I knew nothing about this subject ...
    There will be more trips to the moon?
    It would be great ...
    Rick, you know everything!
    A kiss!