Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pic Today 5/29/13


Tucked in the southeast corner of Australia,
Melbourne is a surprisingly sophisticated city,
a feast for the senses.

Just 200 years old, "Melbin" is a blend of
classic Victorian architecture, shocking modern styles,
setting trends in art, fashion and food.

Recently Melbourne finds itself in the center
of the coffee world . . .
and site of the recently held
2013 World Barista Competition.
(More on that in future blog posts.)

Some scenes from this past week!
(Tomorrow, images from Australia's 
natural beauty from the southern coast.)


  1. You're back!
    Rick, that beautiful place ...
    I look forward to more pictures from this trip.
    The architecture is stunning, and I see a lot of art!
    A big kiss!
    PS: I've closed my blog, here you can find me:

    Un abrazo enorme!