Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pic Today 6/1/13


The world's best baristas
from 53 countries
came to Melbourne to compete
in the World Barista Championship.

A standing room only crowd
(plus international live streaming broadcast)
watched as each barista had 15 MINUTES
to prepare one espresso, one cappuccino and
one fancy-pants signature drink for each
of 4 tasting judges, while 3 technical judges
watched for technique and perfection.

Of course their presentations and music selections
counted in the overall score.
Top 6 winning baristas and their home countries
will be shown on tomorrow's blog . . .

PLUS scenes from the World Brewers Cup
competition, held simultaneously in Melbourne.

Needless to say, the best coffees in the world
were being prepared last week in "Melbin."


  1. Estupendo reportege...un abarzo desde Murcia...

  2. I wonder who will have won the contest ...
    Time for coffee!
    A kiss!

  3. oh yum
    how wonderful
    thank you for sharing
    i love the machine in the third photo... never have i seen anything like that.

  4. How did you manage to get so close? Press pass?
    These are great shots. What is that in the first one... I love the way it looks. Good job, Rick.

    1. Assignment . . .
      Am official photographer for this annual competition.
      (Next year it's in San Marino, Italy!)

  5. Your work is so interesting, Rick! Great photos! Wish a nice and happy weekend.xx