Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pic Today 8/11/13


Our renowned neighbor/home gardener
(and artisan bread maker)
pulled his potato harvest from the ground.

A wagon load of Kennebec potatoes
was headed to the cellar
for future fall and winter meals.

(Birds had already started harvesting seeds
from his giant sunflowers.)


  1. Thank you Rich for all Your Nice Words om my Pictures, I dont deserv it. Its learning by doing, but I love it! :-)

    Potatoes is also very very importens also in Norway, in every dinner, but you know, the goverment etc. etc. want ous not to eat so much, they are so afraid of overweight in population... ha ha but... I dont thing the potatoe is the sinner! it everything else...

  2. Oh, yes … homegrown potatoes.
    Nothin' like 'em!

    I really need to expand my gardens (again and more) so I have the elbow room to grow my own again. I do pick some up every week at the farmers' market, so I've got that goin' for me!