Monday, August 5, 2013

Pic Today 8/5/13


A photography exhibit titled,
"I Was A Soldier,"
by St. Louis photographer, Jerry Tovo,
is now on display at the
Missouri History Museum.

Tovo, a former drill sergeant from the
Vietnam era, has set out to photograph
veterans from that war who are now homeless.
In cooperation with the Veterans Administration,
he will be visiting cities from coast to coast,
photographing the faces of soldiers
who have returned . . . but are now
on the streets or in shelters.

The exhibit will grow as Tovo adds
more photos, and the traveling show
gives voice and awareness of the plight
of an estimated 200,000 homeless veterans.

(All portrait photos taken by Jerry Tovo, St. Louis)


  1. I think these men ARE heroes - surviving the war and surviving today... Having lives full of extreme moments, Ups and Downs...
    My laptop screen is small, so every instant of this post was a surprise for me, as I was scrolling down . First - a face, that grabbed my attention. Then - another one, and another one... I was looking at them just imagining who's behind the expressions... How could I expect that they were all connected in a special way - when they were young and now?!...
    It's a very moving post, Rick! I think the idea of the exhibition is great! Thank you for sharing!

  2. such incredible portraits
    revealing a sad story.

  3. Wonderful idea of this photographer and beautiful portraits. Good of you to give it extra attention. I see America as a state that loves the army too much and can't stop to promote it. Often people who have it difficult in their lives join the army because they see no alternative and it's the only way to earn money for their family. But once they're out and of no use anymore they get no or too little help. That's what I saw in a documentary.

  4. Beautiful people, including portraits like, emotional, real.

  5. Beautiful portraits, would have loved to see this exhibition.