Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pic Today 9/14/13


These are the final days of summer.

Goldenrod blooms are golden,
giant wheels of hay drying in the fields,
with the sun setting earlier each day.

The first day of fall is fast approaching.


  1. Hello Rick!
    Your pictures have a definite feel of autumn (a poet's season!), especially the 2 last ones!
    I hope we will enjoy some good warm days before winter, it wouldn't be luxury after the horrible spring we went through... Summer was not long enough!
    I love the light and the framing in the last photo!
    Enjoy your WE, cheers!

  2. You know what, Rick? for me is so unique to hear that the first day of fall is approaching. Here, seasons are not so well marked...Lovely pictures! Wish you a happy sunday, xx

  3. with small steps, but Autumn comes ... love your late Summer impressions.

    hugs, isabella

  4. so beatiful and crisp, absolutely love them :***** Ricky