Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pic Today 9/17/13


Now someone is calculating
how much they're worth.

Besides their sheer beauty and majesty,
 trees have measurable value . . .

The oxygen they produce, 
the carbon dioxide they absorb,
the storm water they remove,
the air quality they improve,
the shade they give,
the cool they give in the heat, 
and the electricity they save,
the property values they add,
the shelter they give to birds,
the nutrients they add to the soil,
the pleasure they give everyday.

There's a dollar value in benefits
to each and every tree.

Visit treeswork.org and
calculate what your tree is worth.


  1. I had herd of this. Learning their value, even if if it's just their price tag may oddly enough be a start.

  2. It is sad to have reached the point where we are giving a value to trees.
    But on the other hand who knows if this might help to avoid deforesting wildly.
    Good idea to bring this matter up!
    Cheerio, Rick!

  3. hello Rick,

    trees really do offer a valuable presence to our world!!! love them so much!

    thank you for your enthusiastic message.

  4. Measure that is priceless, very interesting!