Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pic Today 9/21/13


A hike in the rain,
to the abandoned 1930's pool
which was part of the Hedenkamp family's
Orchard Valley Estate in St. Louis County.

The naturally sculpted stonework 
and grounds were once filled with spring water
at this huge swimming pool,
which was certainly part of a grand estate
some 80+ years ago.

Only the pool remains (which no longer holds water),
and is accessible through a wooded trail
at Laumeier Park in St. Louis County.

One of my favorite hikes
(even when it's raining.)


  1. Se entiende porque es de tus excursiones favoritas, es precioso el lugar.

    Un saludo Rick

  2. I like the place ...
    They taste autumn your photos, a nice walk dear friend.

  3. I looks definitely like a rainy day!
    That was our share for the first 3 weeks this month!!
    The first pic is beautifully composed!
    Congrats, and enjoy your WE, Rick!