Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pic Today 10/22/13


Commonly referred to as
the "corpse flower,"
Titan Arum is a giant genus
(6-foot bloom)
which flowers infrequently
and unpredictably.

This specimen last flowered
12 years ago, and was on display
at Missouri Botanical Garden.

At the prime moment of flowering,
the corpse flower earns its name
by emitting a foul smell
of rotting flesh.
(No doubt to attract animals
and insects who would surely
help pollinate the species.)


  1. I have heard of this flower, but haven't seen it! Ohhh, it makes my hair stand on end...:0( The colours compensate the sight...

  2. Très impressionnant. A première vue, j'avais cru à un chapeau de sorcière pour Halloween !


  3. Hi Rick, I have grown several of Amorphophallus - not titanum but a bit smaller species- but I can tell you- the smell is really disgusting. One year I had 3 flowers open in the same time! You can not imagine the scent !