Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pic Today 1/14/14


Following 3 years as a novitiate monk
at the St. Louis Abbey monastic community,
Brother Edward Mazuski, O.S.B.
professed his solemn vows at the Abbey Church,
before the Abbot and abbey monks.

The candidate stands before the Abbot,
professes his vows and lies prostrate 
before the altar and is covered
by a funeral pall.

Antiphons and blessings
are sung by the Schola Cantorum
until finally, Brother Edward is led
to his place in the monastic choir.

He is now a member of the St. Louis Abbey
Benedictine monastic community, where he will
dedicate his life to education and service.

(It's time to enjoy the first piece of celebration cake.)

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