Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pic Today 2/27/14


That's how bees survive the frigid cold.

Even when the temperature dips below zero,
the hive's job is to keep the queen warm.

Bees cluster around the queen, flap their wings
and shiver in a tight ball, surrounding her majesty.
This generates enough heat to keep the queen
warm, even on the coldest days.

Bees eat the honey they've stored,
to have the energy to vibrate all winter long.
And thus, the queen survives 
for the good of the hive.

My friend and beekeeper, Joy Stinger.
has also kept warm this winter,
and is ready for a new season
of delicious honey and pollen.

It's a miraculous relationship.


  1. Oh!
    Have you visited your friend!
    How sweet is your post, I love it!
    A kiss my dear friend

  2. Very interesting, Rick. How the hive's job is to keep the queen warm. You are reason, it's a miraculous relationship.

    Lot of kisses

  3. Nice post :)The health effects of honey have long been noted.

    Have a nice weekend!
    xoxo Ilka

  4. oh my, i never knew how bees keep warm. that is hard to imagine.

    though today when i was skiing xc, with my friends pup who runs like the wind, so i skied fast to keep up, well i kept warm in the 10F. so flapping does help ;-)

  5. Something I always wanted to keep is bees…..
    Nothing better than good honey! I never knew how bees keep warm, I supose I never thought about it! Have a great weekend Rick.