Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pic Today 6/26/14


If the goal is to create a "perfect" cup of coffee,
then one must select exceptional steps along the way,
from the grower to the roaster to the
very way the coffee is ground and brewed.

In Colombia, exceptional growers have planted
rare "Gesha" coffee plants from Panama,
and hand harvested perfectly ripe "cherries"
from the mountains of Esperanza,
producing precious few perfect beans to export.

Luckily, a bag was found and shipped to
Kaldi's Coffee Roasters in St. Louis.
But that was just the beginning;  Tony,
their master roaster, experimented with roasting profiles
of this single lot of "green beans", to bring out
the complexities of this rare micro lot coffee.

The result is 3 different roasts of the same bean,
but with different roasting times and temperatures,
to bring out the optimum (1) sweetness, (2) body
and (3) acidity . . . and the perfect ratio of these
3 roasts to create one perfect cup of amazing coffee.

That rare offering of Colombian La Esperanza
"Gesha ParaĆ­so" coffee was offered
in 300 Micro Lot packages for discerning coffee lovers.
(Predictably, it sold out the first few days.)

The bar of excellence has officially been raised!


  1. Mmmmm!
    Quite interesting and.... mouthwatering!
    Reminds me of coffee plantations in Nicaragua!!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Ohhh that would have been so good...