Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pic Today 10/28/14

BOO ! ! !

As Halloween fast approaches,
neighbors are busy decorating
the fronts of their houses
with ghosts and goblins,
and everything scary!

Soon, youngsters will knock
on their doors for Halloween treats.
(That is, if they have a trick, or joke.)

It's a holiday tradition.
Although it seems to be getting more scary.

Do you have your costume ready?


  1. hihihi those lil ghosts.... first ones xD

    We dont really celebrate Halloween much in here, but if I'd have to decide.... I think I'd be a sexy vampire in a medevial burgundy corset dress hihihi

  2. Great decorations!
    I like witch...

    What do you prefer, trick or treat? Hihihihi

  3. Hi Rick,
    Here in Brazil hallowen isn't really celebrated. I enjoyed the photos.

  4. Por aquí ya se celebra Halloween, pero no tanto como por alli. Aquí se llama Todos los Santos el día 1 y los Difuntos el día 2, se comen dulces típicos y la gente visita los cementerios.
    Saludos Rick

  5. Nice decor. No costume here. I have a business meeting.

  6. El fantasma es excepcional!
    Hoy voy a comprar el disfraz para mi hija!


  7. Rickamigo (Rick amigo = friend)

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I love having friends all over the world. You are the first American.

    In Portugal not celebrating halloween; but now with the globalization school children bricam to good and bad for receiving presents ...

    We will continue to send emails? will be excellent


    Excuse my poor English