Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pic Today 11/12/14


There's an amazing exhibit
at the St. Louis Art Museum.

Densely constructed wearable sculptures
carefully built by St. Louis artist,
Nick Cave
(not to be confused with the
Australian musician of the same name).

Influenced by the art of Africa, 
Cave was trained as a dancer
with the Alvin Ailey Company,
and now teaches art in Chicago
at the Art Institute.

Each soundsuit is carefully constructed, sewn 
and built of fibers, mother-of-pearl buttons, 
sticks, toys and kitchen tools
to dazzle the eye and create clattering
and crackling sounds when they're worn.

The exhibit will be on display through March, 2015.


  1. OMG!
    So many colors and shapes and materials and... found em a lil... scary :s
    I got lost!
    I guess is not my thing :s

    Ignorance of mine :(

  2. I cant stop looking at them!!!
    Im gonna dream of it hihihihihihi

  3. Fantástico!! se le nota el toque africano en alguna de las obras. Muy original

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