Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pic Today 11/2/14


Local Kirkwood businessman and farmer,
Dave Endres, has a passion for vintage 
tools and machinery, and is now ready
to make his own home grown corn whiskey.

Of course that starts with his own crop
of #2 yellow corn in Kirkwood, Missouri
(not grown here in the past 70+ years)
which he has harvested on his restored
1936 McCormick-Deering 1-row corn picker.

A joy to behold, its gears and belts comb
each row, plucking ears and spitting
them into the wagon behind . . . 
then on to the corn sheller, cleaning
the dried kernels into bushel bags.

1,500 pounds of dried corn then go to
a local Missouri still (Wood Hat Spirits)
to make 360 bottles of 63122 Corn Whiskey.
("63122" is the zip code for Kirkwood, MO)

Soon, a future blog post will show how
corn is transformed into this inaugural local spirit.
(Distillation equipment shown in final photo.)


  1. WOW, this machinery is magnificent!
    No wonder he is thrilled to grow his own corn and brew his whiskey!
    Corn needs a lot of water to grow well!
    Looking forward to the follow-up ;-)
    Keep well and enjoy your sunday!

  2. I hope farmer Dave at least gets a swig of his moonshine before the revenuers shut down the operation and confiscate his equipment and farm!

  3. Que buen reportaje Rick y con ganas de ver el de la destilería.

  4. "Create" from zero your own whisky must make him feel so so satisfied, right?

  5. That's alot of work for a drink.