Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pic Today 12/14/14


This is the weekend
when most families are out
selecting their holiday tree.
Mostly fresh cut 
(they smell soooo good.)

Picking the best tree 
is usually a family decision --
the right shape, not too tall,
no funny limbs hanging out.
And with room for the ornaments
and tinsel back home.

Then tie it to the car,
and getting it through the front door.

Putting the star on top 
is a great "first thing to do."
Then we can put on the lights,
and hang the family ornaments.
It's a great tradition.

And I'm happy to learn
buying and recycling a natural tree
is better for the environment
than an artificial tree!

How would you decorate a tree
for the holidays?


  1. En mi casa siempre hemos puesto la estrella al final y todos la queríamos poner!!

  2. Just love the photo of the star going up on top of the tree. Merry Christmas and and all the best for 2015. Diane

  3. In here, I'm sure u know, we don't use natural trees, so we go searching for it in the closet haha!
    It really looks beautiful by now, but I'm sure not as beautiful as any natural one :/

    As long as I have been in USA many times, i see your pics and remember how wonderful Xmas smells... ;)

  4. Beautiful bushy trees.
    Child put a star spruce top of the tree, a great photo.
    Greeting Liplatus

  5. No tree for me this year. Nice shots.