Monday, January 26, 2015

Pic Today 1/26/15


NASA has just released it biggest
hi-resolution photo 
of the Andromeda Galaxy.

It took the Hubble Telescope
3 years to photograph this image,
section by section.
The 4.3-gigabyte photo
is composed of 1.5 billion pixels.
The finished image is
60,000 x 22,000 pixels
and requires 600 HD TV displays
to view it all.

When you view this YouTube video
(just released)
keep in mind each pixel is a star
with its own unique universe.
Ready to feel really, really insignificant?
View this:


  1. I M P R E S I O N A N T E ! ! !
    Un abrazo, Rick.


  2. Sure we are small !
    I saw this video a few days ago... it's completeley blowing minds !

    A big kiss

  3. Es maravillosa...

    y a veces nos sentimos solos...

    Preciosa imagen y vídeo.

    Muchos besos

  4. Hay cosas que se escapan a los límites terrenales que nos imponemos para acotar la realidad del día a día, esa que en ocasiones nos supera y nos parexe demasiado, no nos damos cuenta del real alcance, complejidad y belleza que ahí... En alguna parte nos espera....

    Un abrazo de luz y gratitud por compartir y por tus huellas en mi isla

  5. Sure I feel small!!!!
    A very impressive and fascinating image!
    Are we 'that small' to have the ability to produce such a shot?????