Monday, June 1, 2015

Pic Today 6/1/15


A featured display at the 2015 Lantern Festival
at Missouri Botanical Garden (St. Louis)
is a replica of the Porcelain Stupas Pagoda in the Qing Dynasty
in the Manefeilong Village of Yunnan, China.
(see engraved illustration of ancient Stupas Pagoda)

This reconstruction was assembled for the festival
by 30 Chinese artisans -- constructed  with more
than 300,000 modern porcelain tea cups,
plates and saucers -- all carefully connected and
assembled with hand-tied kite string!

Towering 50-feet high in the center of the garden,
the porcelain pagoda is just one of 22 lighted displays
this summer at the Lantern Festival.

Lantern festivals traditionally mark the Chinese
New Year, when intricate and complex
lighted displays fill cities.
This St. Louis festival is a major event
rarely staged outside of Asia.

(On display now through August 31.)


  1. Ciao Rick, molto interessante questo tuo post! Amo la vecchia Pagoda di porcellana,al centro della piazza quadrata.Mi immagino il suono di quelle campane e mi chiedo come sarebbe stato assistere alla sua caduta.mi spiace che nella moderna istallazione non sia stato preso in considerazione l aspetto musicale.ciao ;-)

  2. Increíble Rick, esto solo lo pueden hacer los chinos....

  3. That is awesome!!!
    Very creative and beautiful !!!
    Kisses for you Rick !!!

  4. Rick que bien tomas la secuencia de los faroles mientras los montan y al final como quedan que bien !!! ingenioso por tu parte me gustó mucho mucha luz e ingenio en las fotos, un beso desde mi brillo del mar