Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pic Today 7/15/15


Nine years since its launch in 2006,
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft
has flown 3.1-billion miles
to rendezvous with our distant most
"dwarf planet", Pluto.

For the first time ever,
crystal clear images are returning
showing Pluto to have a suprising
Mars-like reddish hue, and
a heart shaped feature on its surface.
(We love you, Pluto.)

There's enough plutonium on board
to fuel New Horizons until 2035,
so the spacecraft will continue to
send back images of distant discoveries,
beyond our own solar system.

The ashes of Clyde Tombaugh (shown here)
are attached to the spacecraft,
as a fitting tribute to the astronomer
who discovered Pluto in 1931.
 Tombaugh will be the first person to
fly beyond our solar system.

(Photos: Courtesy of NASA) 


  1. Su belleza hipnotiza, podrían pasar horas y no dejar de mirar.
    un abrazo de luz Rick


  2. So close... and yet so far!

    I wonder... was Walt Disney really inspired on the name of the planet when he named Mickey's dog?... or not!? Will we ever know the truth?

    Wonder kisses

  3. Es increíble, y lo que queda por ver.....

  4. wonderful post and interesting stuff!
    love seeing pluto's heart.

  5. Cada vez somos más pequeños, jeje
    Un abrazo, Rick.

  6. Yep, I've been following this on our news too, how fantastic!!
    These pics raise more questions than they give answers!!