Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pic Today 7/22/15


He's the 850-pound orphaned polar bear
who's the highlight of the St. Louis Zoo's
new Polar Bear Point exhibit.

Orphaned as a cub, Kali was rescued
from the Alaskan wilderness and
spent 2 years at the Buffalo New York zoo
before the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
issued a letter of agreement that
brought him to St. Louis.

Kali's new home is a 40,000-square-foot habitat
that offers visitors a 22-foot viewing window,
where the polar bear can come right up 
to the glass to greet guests.

The sea water area features a 1,000-square-foot
Arctic room with a 4-panel viewing wall.

Kali loves to swim, dive, pose for the camera,
play football, and say hi to the children.


  1. Very interesting good viewing angles.
    The situation description best.

    How beast may have about the endearing player.

  2. Me encantan las imágenes.

    Un beso.

  3. ╰✿づه°
    Bonitas fotografias.

    Ótimo dia cheio de alegrias!
    Beijinhos e tudo de bom nesse restinho de semana!
    .· °ه╰✿づه° ·.

  4. uau what a lovely bear! he is so cute :)

  5. He is so cute.:) A lovely portrait with the trickling water (hope this is the right verb)!

  6. Jeje! Impresionante, un reportaje estupendo!

  7. Hi Rick. I loved all the photos, specially the last one, where the children are; a very special moment. Regards

  8. Can I ask for something you? In Blogger's gadget there is a translator. Can you put it to the right side? This way I can read, do not speak English. (If it is not an inconvenience) Regards

  9. I'll get someone to show me how to do this, ok?

  10. Poor thing, I am not a big fan of zoos.

  11. Muy buenas fotografías!!!...las dos primeras son geniales, enhorabuena!!!

    Un gran abrazo, amigo...nos vemos pronto!!! ;)