Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pic Today 7/23/15


Have you ever
watched people
looking at art?

I have.
Can't help it.

(It's part of the show.)


  1. Utterly true!
    It is the moment when the artist reaches each and one of us and deliver the message within his creation (and we can watch it).

    Big hug

  2. I have a great photographer friend that loves to take picture of people reading, looking at art or eating alone (when they are not noticing!); He says that they get so deep in to their thoughts that they make awesome expressions true and sincere expressions!
    Once we were at the beach and he was taking pictures of a couple that was just talking sitting in the sand and the pictures were coming out so great that we went and ask for their email to send them the pictures! It was kinda awkward i have to say -- just imagine some one walking up to you and saying "oh hey i have been taking pictures of you for the last half hour and they are so great I want you to have them..." :)

  3. Excelentes Rick!! Las posturas de la gente son geniales!

  4. El arte,siempre és sublimne,solo hay que saber interpretarlo