Monday, October 26, 2015

Pic Today 10/26/15


My good friend, and bee keeper,
Joy Stinger (real name)
gave me a personal tour
of her 3rd story greenhouse,
and showed off her bonzai collection,
 and rare tropical blooms . . .

including her fragrant brugmansia . . .
a pineapple geranium . . . and
her prized huernia zebrina,
better known as the "Life Saver plant."

Lots of tender, loving care
for this upper story greenhouse,
in addition to her 24 bee hives,
booming wholesale honey business,
backyard vegetable garden,
year long aviary, tropical fish,
basement rabbit hutch 
and handmade beeswax figurines
(from antique German molds.)

As I left, Joy waved and said
"just wait till you see this
year's Christmas decorations."

(In her 80's, and going strong.)


  1. Amazing and energetic woman with her age, she is full of vitality. No less amazing and beautiful their rare flowers.
    It is putting a lot of work and love in them.

  2. this is a wise person
    who is nice to see :-)

  3. Amazing, both her and her greenhouse. Diane

  4. La flores son impresionantes y la mujer, preciosa y tierna...

    Muchos besos.

  5. Creo recordarla del año pasado y me alegro que siga tan bie. Ella desprende una mezcla de vitalidad y tranquilidad increíble.

  6. Que linda senhora, em seus 80 anos!!!...
    Lindas fotos, e post Rick!!!
    Beijos meus a ti!!!

  7. It was so interesting to see these amazing flowers and plants! They reminded me of the magnificent garden of our hosts in Kenya a couple of years ago! Thank you, Rick, now I know the name of Brugmansia! I have taken photos of the white one!