Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pic Today 1/21/16


1.  It slows everything down.

2.  The world becomes quiet.

3.  And more beautiful.

4.  They close schools.

5.  Kids get to stay home.

6.  And build snowmen.

7.  I love shooting black-and-white.


  1. También me gustan las fotos en blanco y negro y los paisajes nevados como el que traes, son gloriosos. No se disfruta igual la nieve en una ciudad ajetreada como en el campo o en un pueblo tranquilo.
    Have a warm day, Rick. Kisses

  2. Hello america and goodmorning!!

    lovely snow shoot!!Yes its nice with the snow,,but not the cold soo f..much..I feel like am dressed like an eskimo!Greetings and wish you a happy day in the snow:)))

  3. Nice shot! cold nights to..?
    minus 20 C here in Stenberga..Brrrr
    but lovely!!!

  4. Me too!!!...but in my island there isn´t snow...only sun and I love your photo, thanks for sharing!!!

    A big hug, Rick!!! ;)

  5. Las fotos en blanco y negro con nieve tienen un encanto especial.
    Me encantan.

  6. Eu ainda não conheço a neve, mas deve ser maravilhosa!!!
    Beijos e beijos Rick

  7. I agree with you! So the snowy fairy tale has begun for you, too! Enjoy it to the full!
    "Hi!" from our - 17 degrees!:D

  8. Good arguments, but this way here in Finland =
    1.–3. are ok. 4.–5. here never nobody close schools because snow, and kids never get to stay home. 6. They build snowmen only when frost is zero and the snow is wet... hi. 7. is again ok.

  9. Love your shot:-)

    And love the White beautyful snow :-)

    Heer in Denmark we have so much snow, that we cant get out of our farm.

    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the Winther and the snow and the black and White :-)

  10. I teach 2nd grade and we are off until Monday. Ten inches of snow scheduled to arrive tonight. It has slowed things down a lot! lol

  11. Ha ah - all the reasons I love snow too. And you get to meet people and talk about the weather !

    Well, I'll be missing those blizzards as I putter around in my southern garden.

    Love the winter scene Rick.

  12. nice.... 1 to 7 I like them too. Snow brings me back home...