Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pic Today 2/17/16


More often than not,
most cities are named after people!
Saint Louis is no exception.

It was fur trader Pierre Laclede,
with a generous land grant from the King of France,
who named the village he founded here in 1764
in honor of the reigning King Louis XV,
whose patron saint was Louis IX.

The Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company
commissioned Charles Niehaus to cast a
sculpture of the Crusader King Louis IX,
clad in 13th century armor, 
to stand guard at the main entrance
to the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis.

The bronze statue was unveiled October 4, 1904,
and stood atop Art Hill, overlooking Forest Park
and all the World's Fair grounds.

So there's a definite French connection to our city,
thanks to the fur traders and explorers
who settled here in the 18th century.

(Nevermind Crusader King Louis IX
and however he scourged his fellow man
in the 13th century.)

(What's the story behind YOUR city name?)


  1. Wow how cool. This reminds me of paris! Have you ever been there?
    Have a great day!

  2. Ainsi allait l'histoire , à cheval !
    A noter l'imposante sculpture, bien mise en valeur par tes photos. Belle semaine, mon cher Rick.


  3. gracias por este trocito de historia , de la historia de tu país
    abrazos y buen miércoles ¡

  4. Beautiful statue and lovely photos

  5. I feel that my general knowledge has been enriched. : )

  6. Thank you Rick for the history lesson.... Impressive statue!

  7. "The historical, cartographic and linguistic evidence appears reasonably conclusive that the name Toronto is derived from the Mohawk description of the fish weirs at The Narrows at present-day Orillia."

  8. That is a very imposing sculpture.
    I discover here it was erected in St Louis.
    Thanks for sharing this :)