Friday, March 4, 2016

Pic Today 3/4/16


As fiscal budgets are stretched
to impossible deficits --
due to billions spent on
  wars in foreign lands --
it's always the arts
where funding is cut.

Winston Churchill fought against
cutting the arts during World War II
with a worthwhile argument.

The arts:
Worth fighting for!


  1. Reminds me of the Monuments Men, yes, art is so important !!! Love this post Rick !!

  2. They are worth fighting for! As a teacher I can attest to the fact that the arts take quite a backseat to everything else. A shame, for certain.

  3. Naturalmente que merece la pena luchar por el arte... El hombre es capaz de crear belleza y hacerla perdurar para recreo de futuras generaciones.
    Un beso

  4. Creí que era solo en España los recortes a la artes, siempre hay que luchar...

  5. El arte siempre es suelo y sustrato sobre el que caminamos y alas que sostienen lo que sońamos.
    El arte es isla de luz y encanto

    Un abrazo

  6. Like this post, Winston was a very Wise leader :-)
    Have a lovely weekend :-)
    Maria from Denmark

  7. Yes!- Must fight that.... What a wise man he was. Always love reading your comments Rick. You have only a month to visit me in Australia, off the 'Netherlands' to live (after 22 years overseas). So my weekend(s) are now full of catch ups, sleepovers, drinks, more drinks, coffee and good food before we go. And what are you up to this weekend? x