Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pic Today 5/31/16


Weeks ago, at Tower Grove Farmers Market,
I stopped at a "new table," offering
their breads and brewed sodas.
(We hit it off.)

Scratch is a brewery and bakery,
bringing their hand-crafted wares
to a receptive new market (hopefully.) 

I remember tasting a "toasted hickory" soda
(non alcoholic),
so aromatic, so complex, so intoxicating.
Their bread was an other-worldly sour dough.

I had to know more.
These were artisans.
 Located in Ava, Illinois.
(2-hour drive, middle-of-nowhere.)

These are pics from my recent visit.
Four young talented homesteaders
brewing and baking
extraordinary home-grown goodies,
to national culinary acclaim.

Complex, organic, local, original.
Beautifully crafted/brewed sodas/beers,
wood-fired pizza, beautiful breads.
Growing their own hops.
Cute goats.
 (Roads with no road signs.)


  1. These markets looks interesting.
    The market is always nice, and in the summer we have them also a lot.

  2. Great, I'm coming!!!
    Too often then not, food has no taste anymore, so I wish them all the success in the world!
    Lovely footage :)

  3. Rick tú siempre estás en los mejores sitios!!
    Buen reportaje amigo

  4. Un lugar intresante, más por sus productos artesanales
    Preciosas fotografías, un abrazo Rick

  5. So good to know that there are people out there doing this kind of work! We need more wholesome food/drink like this!